A downloadable roguelike for Windows

You are Dr. Emmett DeLorean. The year is 2442. Time travel is now possible. You have volunteered to travel back to the Cretaceous to collect as much dinosaur material as you can without becoming a fossil yourself.

While your solar-powered time machine recharges, collect whatever prehistoric artifacts you can find (anything gold colored). Once charged, walk into it to get back home. Fame and fortune await, if you can make it back alive.

Your only real weapons against the huge dinosaurs all around you are your wits and a stun gun. Use it in an emergency to immobilize all creatures in a limited radius for a short amount of time. But be smart about it because it's also solar powered and needs to charge between uses.


  •  Ankylosaurus
  •  Maiasaura
  •  Parasaurolophus
  •  Triceratops
  •  Wuerhosaurus
  •  Baryonyx
  •  Microraptor
  •  Spinosaurus
  • T-Rex

Collectibles (and their point values):

  • Teeth (10)
  • Bones (50)
  • Feathers (100)
  • Feces (250)
  • Mosquitoes (500)
  • Eggs (1000)


  • Use the numpad or WASDQEZC to move. Diagonal movement is allowed.
  • Bump attacks are possible but discouraged (I mean, they're dinosaurs)
  • Use "I" to open your inventory where you can see what you've collected and the state of your stun gun.
  • Use "space" to go into look/target mode where you can use "tab" or the arrow keys to inspect the things around you.  Use "space" again when over a creature to stun it.


Note: Most of the sprites used in the game were made by me prior to the actual game jam so that I could concentrate on gameplay and balancing during the seven days. A few more were created during development, and the rest are modified versions of sprites taken from a set created by @MCNoodlor (the mountains, river, and reactions).

Special thanks to my awesome kids for the fact checking and play testing services. :)

Install instructions

To run the game download the zip file, unzip it to a new folder, and run 65MYA.exe. Windows only.


65MYA_1_1.zip 6 MB