A downloadable roguelike for Windows

Take on the role of Theseus and enter the Labyrinth. With only with your wits, the thread given to you by your love, Ariadne, and what weapons and armor you can find in the maze, will you bring glory to yourself and defeat the Minotaur?


  • Short gameplay - one level
  • Gain as much glory as you can
  • Lead ghosts of the slain to the Minotaur to enact vengeance
  • Automatically pick up better equipment
  • Bump and ranged attacks
  • Choose your own difficulty - make the game easier by stealing health directly from the Minotaur
  • Secret passages!

This is my first 7DRL, first original roguelike, and first public release of a finished game. Phew.

Install instructions

Just unzip and run 'MinotaurRL.exe' to play.

View '_readme.txt' for instructions and useful things to know about the game. Feel free to edit '_settings.json' to change the window mode and resolution, or modify certain aspects of the game.



MinotaurRL_Win32.zip 7 MB


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What tool / engine did you use to make this neat RL?

Thanks. I'm building my own RL engine on top of MonoGame and Nez. Someday I'll use it to make something bigger than a 7DRL. :)

My Attempt at MinotaurRL


This is awesome. Thank you so much!